Sissy Dream Shop is an online store where products are sold to customers. The following terms and conditions will be used in trade between the seller and all its customers.


1. Ordering

  • When making an order the customer agrees with the then-current terms and conditions regarding ordering and delivery. 
  • All communication between the seller and customers is handled by email. The customer agrees to monitor their email account after making and order.
  • A binding commercial agreement will come into effect when the customer has made an order. The system will confirm the order automatically with an email.
  • In case of problems in availability, import restrictions of restrictions by authorities, sellers’ liability limits to canceling the purchase, and returning money paid in advance.
  • The seller can refer to a mistake in case of a clear product error, for example, if the error is so obvious the customer should have noticed it.
  • The customer is responsible for making sure that the purchased products are legal and can be imported to the destination country. The seller takes no responsibility if the purchased products will not reach the customer in a case where they are not allowed.

2. Pricing

  • Prices shown on the website do not include tariffs, duties, taxes, VAT or any other possible fees.
  • The products will be sold at a price that was valid at the time of making the order, despite possible changes in the price after ordering.
  • The seller can refer to a mistake in price in case of a clear error, for example, if the mistake is so obvious that the customer should have noticed it.

3. Shipping

  • The seller tries to ship the products within 2 business days. The seller tries to notify the customer if the shipping of the order is postponed for more than 7 days.
  • The customer is responsible if a product is lost or damaged during delivery from the customer to the seller, including shipments that have been denied or not been picked up by the customer.
  • When sending goods to the seller, the customer must keep and save all documents such as dispatch notes.
  • All ordered items are shipped in one dispatch. Delayed availability of one item does not bind the seller to ship other items in the same order separately.
  • The customer is responsible for paying all tariffs, duties, taxes, VAT, and other charges that may occur when importing the ordered products to the customer’s country.

4. Payment

  • Payments are made using the payment options shown on the payment methods page, here: https://sissydream.com/payment-methods/ 


5. Returns & Refunds

  • The customer has the right to return the order or parts of it within 30 days from receiving it. The returns must first be approved by the seller.
  • Orders cannot be canceled or refunded after they have been shipped and assigned a tracking code.
  • The customer will pay for the shipping costs when returning the order to the seller.
  • The product must be unused and in brand new condition, including the package and manual. The customer has the right to try and test the product as he/she would when buying it in a physical store. The customer has the right to try the product, but not take it into use without losing the right to return.
  • Opened sealed products are not returnable, neither are any used products. This also applies to all sealed collectible items, surprise bags, and subscriptions.
  • If the seller in an exception accepts the return of a used or incomplete item, the seller will charge handling costs the minimum of 25% of the price of the item.
  • All returns must be delivered in original packaging and packed carefully. A copy of the receipt must be attached together with the cause of return (if the product is flawed).
  • Seller will not accept unpaid shipments, shipments made by Cash-on-Delivery, or any shipments by other than the Postal Service.

6. Warranty

  • The warranty information is usually marked on the product’s information page. In case it is not marked the product warranty is 6 months (electronics and other products that have a warranty).
  • Warranty change or repair doesn’t extend the original warranty time for that item.
  • A condition for the warranty is the use of the item according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. The seller can be freed from warranty if it is made plausible that the breaking or impairment of an item is because of an accident, incorrect use of the item, or any other cause on the customer’s side.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by power outages, improper storing or cleaning, thunder, improper use, or other neglect of instructions including faults in the installation by the customer or physical breaking of the item. The warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by regular use. Only components and accessories approved by the manufacturer can be used with the products.



When signing up as a customer or creating an order the user becomes a customer. The given information will be registered for sellers’ customer registry. The information will be used for development, production, contacting, and other suitable uses. The information may also be used for sellers’ marketing and research purposes. The information will not be passed on for third parties. 

Customer registry

  • Registry keeper: Sissy Dream Shop
  • The Registry name: Sissy Dream Shop customer registry
  • The purpose of the registry: The customer has registered as a customer or ordered items from the seller.
  • The use of registry: The registry will be used to maintain the online store and store the orders. The information may be used for marketing and research. 
  • The registry includes: First name, family name, company name, address, postal code, city, country, phone number, email address, user name, password, date of registering, last login, IP address, previous orders and tracking numbers.
  • Registry confidentiality: The information cannot be passed on for third parties.
  • Registry protection: Registry is located on sellers’ secure servers.