5 Reasons to Wear High Heels

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Wear High Heels

  1. BrieBryant
    BrieBryant says:

    Boys hear ladies heels stomping long before they see them. In a way they are a gurl 1st impression. When the boys hear that stomp, there excited by knowing a lady cumming. If your a flip flop chick, sorry 0 men care or notice that ridiculous sounds. When i walk in with my 4in stilettos, i want everyone(sure even girls) to have to turn and see whats cum ing. So if im dressed, im 100%or nothing. I feel my breast forms protruding out full and my bra are always shining, makeup is something i obsess over and hair will always be slightly too much and bimbo trashy (like i like it). My shirk, obviously super short and flash my panties nearly every step. I want to be seen as powerful and feminine, im not passable, but when i strut, at least 1 out of 10 guys would sexually desire and want me reguardless of how much sexier my d%#$ is than his. Lol. Im grateful and easy, half the problems, and equal sexual pleasure provider without fear of female” half-heart thanks for spending money on me, put you off there minds moments later offended by sexual advances not to mention pleasure off the table. Reguardless of type of date or fun. That chicks get away with never a second thought. We accept the invite in, we wanna take our shoes off and get comfortable, want a generous sweet gentleman to not only rib our thigh, but ready for them to rub twords our sexy area quick. Lol. We are grateful, and eager to show our gratitude.
    All made possible by that feminine stomping sound your heels made as your 1st impression gurls

  2. Connie Amanda
    Connie Amanda says:

    I get much compliments from a girlfriend of mine while wearing high heels. She finds my legs very beautiful posed on high heels. Did not count them but I think I have more than 15 pairs.

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