What’s Your Sissy Name?

Ever wondered which girly name suits you best? Yes, a Girly name. You are not a boy anymore, you are a sissy now, so, you must find out your new and REAL name and we’re here to help you in doing that.

One of the first steps in transforming you, a mere male, into a beautiful, sexy and very feminine sissy is changing your name. Sissies must learn and get used to be called by frilly girly names. Names like Bob, Joe, or Rick don’t fit well with a sissy. You need names like Betsy, Jeannette, or Valeria which are much more appealing. 

Becoming a sissy is a process of escaping the dull, uninteresting and stressful masculine world, and nothing sets the mood so well as calling a tough, masculine guy by a girly sissy name. It’s an instant reminder that you are embracing and submitting to your Feminine self.

Every time someones calls you by your sissy name, it will immediately trigger your feminine side, making you feel submissive, fragile and compliant.

Mistresses often enjoy teasing their naughty submissive sissies by calling them by their sissy name, which makes the process of accepting your new sissy role much easier and faster. 

Your sissy name must be carefully decided. It should be easy to pronounce, cute, feminine and with a submissive feeling to it.

For submissive sissies who do not yet belong to a Mistress, Master or Daddy, your sissy name is a temporary one. Your “owner” will be the one deciding a permanent name for you or may even approve your temporary name to become permanent.

sissy names suggestions

  • Alicia, Amber, Amy, Annika, Annie
  • Bambi, Belinda, Betsy, Bitsy, Bianca
  • Cherie, Chrissie, Cindy, Clarissa
  • Daisy, Dawn, Desiree, Diana
  • Elise, Eliza
  • Fawn, Fifi
  • Jeannette, Jeannine, Jessica, Jasmine
  • Kimberly
  • Lana, Layla, Lucy
  • Marcie, May, Michelle, Millie, Mimi, Mindy, Missie
  • Nanette, Nancy, Nicole
  • Pammy
  • Riley, Ruby, Robin
  • Scarlet, Shelley, Sherry, Susie, Sunny, Suzanne, Suzette, Sally
  • Tammy, Tara, Tawny, Tiffany, Tina
  • Vivian, Valeria
  • Wilma
  • Yvette, Yvonne
  • Zoe

Having your own sissy name, will quickly make you feel more feminine, sexy and sassy! 

Share your sissy name with us, using the comments below! 🙂

104 thoughts on “What’s Your Sissy Name?

    • Chrissy55
      Chrissy55 says:

      I’m Chrissy Anne my mother chose Chrissy thinking she was having a girl while pregnant with me in a way she got the daughter she never had but always wanted she says that all the time. Anne is my mother’s middle name Its a tradition in her family that all first daughters have Anne as their middle name my grandmother cried when I introduced myself to her card club as Chrissy Anne she says I’m all girl and pure in my pussy so it’s time to breed and give her grandchildren I hope I can one day!

      • Inga
        Inga says:

        Oh I love sucking cock too. I love cock. Hope this man I have been talking to wants to meet me. What do you think of my name. It”s icelandic. I told this man he can change my name when he is ready to turn me into his cockcraving slut

  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    Hi I a 30 year man and I feel like I really wanna be a sissy but I afraid my family and friends will accept it and I wanna do it private

  2. sissy donna
    sissy donna says:

    my sissy name is sissy donna. i am a very submissive sissy bottom. i am currently without a Mistress or Master.

  3. Tina Smyth
    Tina Smyth says:

    I am Tina and have been so for years…I dress elegantly and sexily. Prefer garter belt and seamed stockings when I’moved wearing a skirt or dress of a suitable length. With lace bra and panties to suit my dress. And heels to match my lingerie colours…

  4. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Hi my sissy name is Jessica! I love being submissive and would love to be a sub to a gorgeous muscular daddy!

    • Daddy
      Daddy says:

      Not all that muscular but I’d very much like to know what being a master or Daddy is lime. Do u jave any other messaging app you’d be comfortable using?

    • Brie Bryant
      Brie Bryant says:

      My mistress taught me to train, pleasure, and be sexier than other sissy gurl we parTy with and help be feminine. She obviously top bitch, but i was her bottom sissy bitch and set a standard and example for the inexperienced gurls we help. Im have permission to pocess my own sissy by mistress. Eager to be a dominant teacher for my own gurl and each how to attract guys, and occasionally use them for my own top pleasure needs and show how forcefully ff feels and how to handle it, etc, etc

  5. Brie Bryant
    Brie Bryant says:

    Mistress/wife named me Brie cause she has a girl crush on her and she so extraordinary even Bad Boy Charlie Sheen became thirsty for more

  6. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    My name is Sissy Robyn. Just today, my mistress became exclusive to me, and i to her. She loves my name ao its probably permanent.

  7. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hello I really want to be a sissy bottom but I feel that I am too big and hairy and let’s face it no guy wants that

  8. Cindy Koxxs
    Cindy Koxxs says:

    hello i love cock as a good sissy does take it in all holes. you could say i am a sissy slut my sissy name is Cindy Koxxs .

  9. Pearlrubina
    Pearlrubina says:

    my wife gave me a sissi name Rubina. Now she call me Rubina. I love it its now my full time sissi name. ull time sisi

  10. Sissy Vicky PM
    Sissy Vicky PM says:

    My sissy name is Sissy Vicky PM, I added the PM because I’d love to be nicknamed Pussy Mouth for my gigantic dick sucking lips

  11. George Stephens
    George Stephens says:

    I have already chosen my sissy name so when I find a couple of trannies /shemales willing to help me transform into a cross dressed man we start feminising me changing the way I think and act making me a sissy woman followed by using me as a sex toy making me a sissy slut I have the perfect name it’s Georgia Luvslut so any dominant trannies that might read this please get in touch with me because I am ready for your training and use and abuse

  12. sissy donna
    sissy donna says:

    my sissy name is sissyslut donna. i love that name and always live up to it,as i am a true submissive bottom slut whore. Currently i have no Strict Mistress or Strict Master to control me.

  13. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    I always wanted to be like one of by best friends in grade school. A good person who knew who she was. Good speaker too. The one I looked up to. Her name is my feminine name: Adrienne.

  14. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Hi ladies, I’m Ashley, a sissy currently going through HRT to be the woman I was meant to be! Super excited to live life as a woman – a true sissy! <3

  15. Johne55
    Johne55 says:

    I do trust all of the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They’re very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for beginners. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post. acggdgebgkda

  16. Bailey Lynn Miller
    Bailey Lynn Miller says:

    My femme name is Bailey Lynn Miller, after my mother. I am a castrated, submissive sissy white boi transsexual slave and domesticated servant.

  17. Brandie Lee
    Brandie Lee says:

    My sissy name is Brandie. Before that I decided on Brandie I was given the name Barbie. I did not mind the name Barbie but my breasts are far too small for me to identify with that name. So one day Brandie just struck me as the perfect name for me so I changed to it.

  18. Penny
    Penny says:

    My sissy name is Penny. I crossed-dressed for several year before being named. I went to a play party, and dressed as a girl (wig, make-up, lingerie, heals). At that party, 14 years ago, a M/F couple named me, and claimed my sissy ass for several years. We are still friends to this day (I even dated their daughter for a few years).

  19. Alica
    Alica says:

    Hello Mistress
    I am a closet type sissy, though I love all my panties. Soon to order more beast pills to enlarge my tiny slightly enlarge breast. I am in panties and nylons under my jeans currently

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