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Why Sissies should wear Panties?

Wearing panties is one of the most important things in embracing feminization it’s a daily reminder of your femininity and your role as a sissy. You’ll love the feeling of soft satin panties rubbing against your delicate skin. 

One of your first feminization steps as a sissy boy, will be to replace all your old male underwear with cute frilly pink colored panties that you must wear everyday!

Wearing panties will be part of your daily routine and a must to have in your wardrobe, but make sure you have a big collection of panties in different styles and colors so every morning, you will be confronted with the challenge of  figuring out the prettiest panties to match with your sissy outfit for that day. 

Doing this, will quickly make you more feminine, sexy and sassy! 

Below, I will give you some suggestions of panties for four sissies customers.

Ruffled Panties

Sissies must always have a pair of ruffle panties in their wardrobe, they look adorable, cute and extremely sexy. The perfect pick to add a touch of femininity to your style. Panties with ruffles and frills also give the illusion of a more feminine and sexy figure. 

Due to their balloon style, this panties can easily be worn over diapers, which makes them a popular choice for sissies that enjoy role-playing as adult babies (ABDL)

Click the link below to purchase your first pair of ruffle panties.

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Cotton Girly Panties

Cotton panties are the ideal choice for daily wear, due to their comfortable material, sissies can wear them all day while feeling feminine and extremely comfortable. Especially suitable for sissies with sensitive delicate skin.

In our store you will find many different styles of cotton made panties, that will fit perfectly in your sissy wardrobe.

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Silk Panties

Silk panties make you feel like a sissy queen, they give you a luxurious, sexy and very feminine look. Silk material is naturally elastic and will hug your curves, giving you a more feminine shape. So even if you’re a bit out of shape, silk panties will be there for you!

The smooth, sweet and shiny texture of silk panties is definitely something that you must include in your sissy closet. Silk is very soft on your skin, so you can still be comfortable while looking very sexy. 

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There’s nothing sexier than showing-off your ass cheeks in a pretty sissy thong, and trust me, they are a huge turn on for men. One great reason to wear thong is that those visible panty lines are literally nonexistent.

You feel sexier and more free, which makes thongs an ideal choice for working out. Also, If you’ve had uncomfortable experiences of having your panties riding up, cling or give you a frontal wedgie, then you try a thong!

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For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, our manties are ideal for you. 

Once you put them on, you’ll love it so much that it won’t be “easy” to take them off. They are made with the extra room for your special parts, so you can be comfortable while feeling sexy and feminine. 

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57 thoughts on “Why Sissies should wear Panties?

    • Chrissy55 says:

      I think it reminds you on a consistent basis that your not a real man the way my clitty shenis (penis) fits in her panty is absolutely cute as hell. She is 6 1/2″ thick and cut at full erection she is 3 3/4″-3 1/2″ soft with a tight scrotum so she is craddled in her panties concealed and snug. I dislike seeing a panty girls scrotum hanging out of her panties or when she’s hanging out it doesn’t look feminine and girlie. When I wear all shear panties I tie a bow or bows around her shaft to emasculate her look. She’s not worthy of being seen as a masculine cock. My lingerie is extremely important to my look, feel and acceptance on being a female but I need to get fuck before I can call myself a woman which I’m looking for that special male to make me is true bitch!

      • John Smith says:

        I respect your lovely descriptioned reply, and i too am mesmerized by how amazing it feels and looks when wearing lace panties. And the sight of myself bulgeing out and against the tight feminine fabric, i just think I may still have a dick, but it’s my sissy dick now looking all pretty wrapped up in lingerie…. It was a great discovery finding out the pleasure I get from wearing sexy panties. Especially considering how much more of an urge to give head to other hard ons they give me…. I was bi before but since i started trying out what it’s like to wear lingerie and have my mouth full on my knees, I never felt so at home. I love that I get feminized up on occasion and how it makes me feel like a girl.

    • Tiffany says:

      I won be girl wef big boobs and big booty and pussy I am sorry for my English not good and I love suck cock and I love really suck cock

    • Candi says:

      I love wearing panties once I started wearing them I like it and I am going to keep on dressing up I really feel good maybe some day I can go out in public a person should be able to wear what makes them feel good so if you thinking about it you should try it I did and never felt better buy panties first and. See if you like it and don’t feel. Like you are doing anything wrong

  1. Sissy Janey says:

    Wearing panties is a must for my everyday life. Started out with one pair and now I got 37 pairs. From frilly, to sexy thongs. All sexy and so comfy.

  2. Missy says:

    I am a sissy cuckold. My mistress loves to see me in cute panties and a pretty dress, as does her boyfriend. I couldn’t imagine going back to big boy underwear again, not for me!

  3. 1st timer add panties says:

    You sound just perfect
    I haven’t ever done this before ?
    Do you have pics and live near Las Vegas

  4. Jaime says:

    I am a slutty sissy therefore I don’t wear panties, even with micro mini dresses or skirts or with sheer, or mesh outfits

  5. Chrissy55 says:

    I tell people that I never will wear a panty made for a male to wear if you do I want you to realize that your not wearing a panty it’s a pair of male underwear.

    A panty is designed and cut for only one thing it’s made exclusively for the vagina and that’s where my she-nis (penis) was made to be seen as while she is cradled in her panty.

    So as a proper sissy girl you must honor, serve, submit and surrender to the alpha male dick and when he sperms in your mouth his dominance is shown by marking you as you swallow his seed forever making you a bitch!
    I am woman, hear me roar!

    And it all began by a panty……

    • Tina Smyth says:

      I’m wearing sexy blue lace panties just now with a matching bra holding my breasts up. It’s scorching hot and I’ve on tight blue shorts a tight white top and blue wedge heels. Feel great!

  6. E. Roberts says:

    Sweeties, ive been wearing my panties since age 11 !! There’s been some hair raising situations i had to show my girl!! Those instances made me realize that ‘ she ‘ wants to come out. Ex: Graduation nite, i wore a purple bralette and matching string bikini under the cap and gown, nothing else!!! Ooo, what a nite!!!

  7. Adison ja Britt says:

    I’m a single sissy and I will be in a position to submit the love and feeling’s to my dominant man or woman and I adore other Sissy’s.

  8. Jizelle says:

    I recently was discovered by my girlfriend. I used to hide my femininity from her now my underwear drawer is a panty drawer and shes ok with it. Ive been wearing panties since age 12 secretly now im 44 and happy to be a sissy.

    • Katrina Sparks says:

      It’s so good to trust the wife because she desires to see it and play ..alot do .it becomes their preference

  9. sissy pussy lips says:

    i am a sissy slut and have been one for years. i love being a sissy cum slut whore, that works in a book store dirty toilet. i love when the store gets very busy especially when BBC men come in looking for sissies that always swallow. That’s me! Mmmm! Right now i am wearing hot pink panties along with bright red cocksucker lipstick.

  10. Kayce says:

    I love the way my panties make me feel. So soft and girly. Make me want to obey my Mistress when she makes me do those little slutty things that girls do.

  11. Princessboi says:

    I love wearing panties and have been looking at manties on this site. Do those of you who wear them find them to be comfortable? Which style would you recommend?

  12. dhmphus says:

    I would love to see more selections of bottomless and crotchless panties. Having an open front makes it easier to wear my clitty cage. Having an open back allows my master easy access to my pussy.

  13. Sissy Torie says:

    i love wearing panties they feel good…. but my girlfriend just caught me wearing her panties and laughed at me and said i llok like a girl wearing little panties and since ive been stealing her panties then she is going to start making me wear panties everyday…. am i really a little sissy?? is she right for making me wear pretty little panties all the time??

  14. Nikki_boagreis says:

    I’ve been living in panties 24/7 and i feel naughty. I love wearing panties for my daddy, i love wearing sissy panties so much.

  15. Amy Gurl says:

    My wife is super hot and has no idea I sneak her clothes and lingerie

    She travels a lot for work so I have amazing times – have never met or talked to anyone

    I’m a smaller dude but smooth

    Want to become

    Someone hit me back

  16. Nikki_boagreis says:

    I love wearing low rise jeans with a high rise thong so my butts gotta look good, i love shaking my ass for cute guys when im doing my everyday typical workout routine. My butts gotta look good in spandex pants and thong panties shape and tone my curves nicely. I love working out so i can have a fat ass, and so my panties fit perfectly. My favorite styles are cheeky cut panties, high rise thongs and micro thongs. Im a huge fan of white cotton panties, i like putting alittle baby oil on my panties and watching guys stand at attention. I love getting compliments about how juicy my butt look’s especially when im wearing white cotton panties.

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